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Luna Pope

Happiness and Wellbeing Officer

I am the Director of Happiness and Wellbeing. As part of my role at Toro, I take regular walks around the office to ensure all my colleagues are happy. I ensure all visitors are met with a smiley face and a wagging tail! 


I am partial to a belly rub or a pat/stroke on the head and appreciate it when my colleagues pay me attention.

Worst Career Moment


  • During my probation, I pulled out various ethernet cables from PCs. I thought they were chew toys?! This led to a temporary internet outage. Luckily my colleagues have now directed me towards my toys at the back of the room to stop this from happening again.

Best Career Moment


  • Coming to work every morning and seeing everyone #waggytail

Hobbies and Interests


  • Digging holes 

  • Sleeping (20 hours per day sometimes!)

  • Barking spontaneously

  • Watching leaves fly across the carpark

  • Eating spiders and daddy longlegs

  • Stealing letters and eating them

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