Sarah Taylor 

Recruitment Consultant - Telecoms

I aim to become a recognised recruiter within the Telecoms Sector. 


I have 5 years Recruitment experience and I am enthusiastic about assisting candidates with their next career move! 

My Sectors


I recruit key technical personnel for the following areas within the Telecoms industry: 

  • Telecommunications  

  • Civil Engineering – Telecoms 

  • Mechanical / Electrical Engineering  


Example Job Titles 

  • Fibre / Telcoms Engineers 

  • Network Planners / Delivery Managers 

  • Fibre Surveyors 

  • Fibre Splicers / Telecoms Splicers 

Favourite Quote


  • “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys”  

Your Worst Career Moment


  • Spending a whole shift with split trousers whilst working on a shop floor. 

Your Best Career Moment


  •  My first ever placement  

  • Being promoted to Senior Recruiter  


Your Hobbies

  • Pub Crawling 

  • Going to spin and body combat classes  

Something Interesting About Me 


  • Tropical Fish Keeper 

Social Media

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