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Global Power Sector CO2 Emissions Decline By Record-Breaking amount

In 2019, carbon emissions from the worlds power sector reportedly fell by 2%. – This is the largest drop in electrical CO2 production since 1990.

Ember, an environmental Think Tank, published a new report which indicates that the CO2 emissions decline is largely due to Europe and the US shifting away from coal. This led to a 3% decline in coal-fired power generation (The largest drop in 30 years).

Europe’s coal usage dropped 24% in favour of wind and solar power, whilst in the US coal dropped just 16% in favour of natural gas.

“The global decline of coal and power sector emissions is good news for the climate but governments have to dramatically accelerate the electricity transition so that global coal generation collapses throughout the 2020s,”

says Ember Electrical Analyst Dave Jones.

“To switch from coal into gas is just swapping one fossil fuel for another. The cheapest and quickest way to end coal generation is through a rapid roll-out of wind and solar.”

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