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Incinerating Recyclables

The Corona Virus has now impacted Cardiff's recycling rates. All of the recyclables except for garden waste are now being collected weekly and delivered to Viridor's Trident Park facility. Here they will be incinerated as this is deemed the safest option for crews.

The council still urges its residents to maintain good habits and continue to separate recycling from general waste.

“Sending the majority of the city’s waste to Viridor’s facility is the safest option for residents and our crews during the ongoing crisis,” the council said in a statement.

Cardiff had a 59% recyclable rate in 2019. The site does recycle a proportion of its waste that is put into the plant. This includes; bottom ash; fly ash and metals. The site is unable to recycle green waste, therefore, residents have been asked to store it in their gardens for the time being.

"It's important to emphasize this is only a temporary measure." says, Michael Michael. "We had eco do this with reduced resources due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the extra help we are giving the NHS. Out message to all residents is please continue to recycle your waste in the green bags provides. It helps us, it helps you neighbors and it helps the city.”



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