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New tech by UK Power Networks to boost renewable energy flow

Engineers have been testing new devices to help renewable energy flow to overhead power lines near Lawford.

In a year UK Power Networks’ LoadShare trial has saved customers £8million and enabled enough renewable power to run 45,000 homes.

LoadShare solved a critical pinch point on a power line near the Essex and Suffolk border, by allowing more electricity generated from renewable sources to feed into the system.

Devices were installed on steel overhead pylon lines near Lawford running between large electrical substations.

Head of innovation at UK Power Networks Ian Cameron said: “LoadShare is truly innovative for the UK energy industry, as we are the first network operator to deploy Smart Wires technology in the UK.

“At its heart, this is a story of optimisation. It continues to forge the path towards renewable energy, while saving money for our customers. It’s the key to unlocking extra capacity in a safe, cost-effective, and fast way.

“This successful trial demonstrates our business ethos of innovation and disruption, implementing smart technologies to reach the UK’s target to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2020.”

With the £5.5m technology investment between Bramford and Lawford a success, UK Power Networks plans to deploy the technology in other areas.

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