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Offshore Wind in Europe

In 2019, Europe completed 10 projects to connect 502 new offshore wind turbines to the grid. This brought about 3,627 MW of new (gross) additional capacity.

This now means that Europe has a total installed offshore wind capacity of 22,072 MW from a massive 5,047 grid-connected wind turbines across 12 countries.

Also in 2019, 4 new offshore wind projects reached Final Decision Investment in 4 different countries, with construction starting over the coming years. Around €6.0bn was invested in order to finance the additional 1.4 GW of capacity.


Findings from a recent report published by WindEurope reveal the following statistics and figures:

  • Europe installed a record 3.6 GW of new offshore wind energy capacity in 2019. Belgium, the UK and Denmark all set new national installation records

  • Europe now has 22.1 GW of offshore wind capacity

  • €6.0bn of investments financed 1.4 GW of additional capacity in offshore wind in France, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK

  • 10 offshore wind farms were connected to the grid and another 5 offshore wind farms began installations in 2019

  • The average rated capacity of offshore turbines installed was 7.8 MW, 1 MW larger than in 2018

  • All offshore wind auction results in 2019 ranged between €40/MWh and €50/MWh

  • Hornsea One connected all its turbines to the grid, making it the largest offshore wind farm in the world (1,218 MW)

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