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Should North of England act to avoid water shortages?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

A new report has said action to promote a sustainable approach to water resources is required to avoid the risk of shortages in northern England.

The report suggested that, while water stress is a bigger factor in south east England, action will be required to mitigate the risk of scarcity, which should include significant efforts to drive down consumption as well as cutting leakage.

Although United Utilities and Northumbrian Water expect to have sufficient supplies over the next 25 years, IPPR pointed out that Yorkshire Water has forecast that its main water resource zone will be in deficit relative to target headroom from 2035/36 onwards without intervention.

“Some 3.2 billion litres of water are lost through leakage every single day. However, this can be dramatically reduced and we are increasingly seeing water utilities adopting more innovative, technologically advanced tools and techniques to capture and analyse data in order to identify problem pipes and take control of leakage.”

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