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Supply Concerns For Biomass Plants Caused By Virus

Over recent years we've had an influx of biomass plants being constructed across the UK. Historically, the UK was a major exporter of waste wood; we are now importing from the continent to aid in supplies.

Today, Biomass plants are feeling the impact of COVID 19 as numerous household recycling centers have come to a close. This has prompted supply concerns for biomass plants and councils have been urged by plant operators to consider measures such a drop off points for waste wood.

Thankfully the National Grid has said that it doesn't anticipate any electricity shortages by the falling supply of waste wood, due to our diverse mix of energy sources which we can fall back on to generate energy.

Biomass plant operators are also facing the challenge of whether to go ahead with traditional maintenance operations this spring in the face of uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

A spokesperson from the company said: “Many clients are expecting to be undertaking outages on the power generation side of their businesses over the coming weeks and months.

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