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The Potential Downsides to Offshore Wind?

Offshore Wind is widely considered to the next biggest form of renewable energy, but there are downsides.

The RPSB claim that thousands of protected seabirds, for example, would be at risk of death or displacement if around 300 turbines were to be built off the Scottish coast. It is surely to give legislators a growing headache as the development of this form of energy begins to mushroom. To date, the UK courts have ruled against the RSPB’s concerns, but it’s only a matter of time before increased risks to the biodiversity of coastline birds, causes a re-think of sorts.

Then there is the threat to marine life, where the noise and vibration from the piling beneath the waves can cause displacement. And we haven’t even mentioned the threat to fishing fleets.

Offshore Wind may face a growing form of resistance in the near future.



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