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£3.5 million sewer work protects London homes from flooding

A £3.5 million scheme to reduce the risk of homes flooding in a London street has been completed by Thames Water.

Properties in Dunoon Road, Forest Hill, had been prone to flooding in heavy rain, but the successful completion of the project means residents now have extra protection and reassurance in bad weather.

In Dunoon Road, a new two-metre wide, 100-metre long pipe has been connected to the existing sewer, meaning it can now handle a much greater volume of water than before. At any one time the sewer can now hold 315,000 litres of water, the same amount that would be needed to fill three London double-decker buses.

The sections of the pipe comprise a steel core surrounded by plastic, and are 30 times lighter than traditional concrete sections, meaning they could be connected quickly. They are also better for the environment because smaller machines can be used to fit them.



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