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Biffa to halve emissions and quadruple plastics recycling under new strategy

Biffa has devised a new strategy that reduces its carbon emissions in half. All through increased recycling and landfill diversion.

Biffa’s chief executive Michael Topham said:

“I am very proud of the great progress that we, and the wider industry, have made in recent years to grow recycling levels and drive significant reduction in CO2 emissions, but we recognise there is much more to do. ‘Resourceful, Responsible’ is an ambitious but deliverable strategy which is based on proven technologies and is supported by our previously outlined investment plans.”

While Biffa operates various anaerobic digestion facilities in the UK, the company has, according to LetsRecycle, traditionally exported much of the 1.7 million tonnes of residual waste it collects that is suitable for EfW abroad.

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