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AD and composting firms put under scrutiny by EA

Bio-waste operators will be put through their paces as the Environment Agency (EA) carries out a review of the sector to improve performance and quality of recovered material.

The review will ensure bio-waste operations, including anaerobic digestion and composting, are regulated consistently. It will check up on objectives set out in Defra’s 25-Year environment plan.

The review will also take into account recent changes to legislation, including the requirement of the Industrial Emissions Directive, which requires compliance with best available techniques and emission limits.

The review follows a series of industry consultations on the revised standards and proposed changes, and the EA said it expects to publish a standard rules consultation in the early autumn.

A spokesperson said: “The aim of the review of permitted sites is to ensure the bio-waste sector continues to grow and develop in a sustainable and efficient way, providing benefits to communities and the environment.

“The review has developed with input from industry representatives from the bio-waste sector, ensuring we are well-sighted on opportunities and issues.”

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