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Power grid ‘needs faster upgrades’ as solar and wind generation rises

The energy sector has faced criticism for not moving quick enough on power grid upgrades. These upgrades could help to cope with an increasing abundance of solar panels and wind turbines.

As renewable sources of energy supply are increasing, power generation supply dips are becoming harder to manage.

During power supply dips, generators are likely to trip and drop from the system causing network operators like National Grid and Ofgem to review power generation capabilities.

During a power cut last month (More info:, smaller generators shut down after two larger generators lost power also. A £100m agreement has been made in the industry to upgrade some of these smaller generators, but critics argue that this is too late.

Paul Massara, former boss of Npower, said: “Given all the changes in the system, would it not have been better to do it faster? This is a resilience question for the next 10-15 years.”

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